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Welcome to Mommies 2 Cents!

My name is Jessica Holt and I am the head writer/reviewer here at Mommies 2 Cents. You can contact me at

What started as a simple blog for family and friends to keep up with our family after our cross-country move quickly evolved into so much more. I realized that there was a strong need for honest reviews by actual parents. Parents are inundated with information which is often written by someone who 1) has never used the product outside of a test room and 2) has no need for the product.

I represent parents who will put products through the ringer. Parents who need to know how these products will enhance and incorporate into their daily lives.

Mommies 2 Cents is a young blog at just 3 years old. However, in that time we have made some amazing connections.

2011 saw tremendous growth from Mommies2Cents. I’ve worked with top brands including Purex, Chiquita and Walgreens. I was a featured mom expert on Live! Miami in the Summer of 2011. During that time I was asked to showcase the ever popular baby bullet on the local morning show in south Florida. 2012 continued our evolution and growth. 

Now with 2013 in full swing, I am ready to bring even more great products and trustworthy reviews to parents around the globe.

Brands M2C has had the pleasure of working with:





California Wine Club

South Seas Island Resort

Mr. Chewy

Baby Bullet

Soft Scrub


and many more!

A little more about me:

  • Married
  • I have 2 children: 1 Girl and 1 Boy ages 6 and 4
  • 2 dogs, 1 cat and a green spotted puffer fish
  • Currently living in the Midwest

I would love to connect with you for 

Review opportunities

Sponsored Content

Product demonstration or other live media events

Guest speaking

Brand Ambassadorship

Consulting or Focus Groups

Contact me at

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